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Mental Health and Substance Use Counseling in Queens, NY

If you or a loved one are grappling with addiction or other mental health challenges such as anxiety or depression, Rego Park Counseling in Rego Park Queens, NY is here to help. As the only substance use counseling and mental health counseling center in the area, we offer personalized mental health and substance use counseling services designed to foster health and lasting positive change. We blend traditional substance use therapy with evidence-based treatments to ensure the best outcomes. In addition to our expertise in substance use therapy, we are also licensed to provide mental health and substance use counseling services tailored to your specific needs, whether or not you have a substance use disorder. If you’re seeking help for addiction or struggling with other emotional or psychological issues, we partner with you and your family to create a comprehensive treatment plan aimed at improving your well-being.

Our Mission

We seek to foster the health, growth, development, and recovery of our community by providing the necessary counseling, education, socialization, motivation, and treatment of maladaptive behaviors. Even if there is no presence of drugs and alcohol, we can help you get to where you need with your mental health.


We strive to provide professional mental health and substance use counseling in Queens, NY. We believe in a continuum of care and after a thorough substance use assessment, we plan treatment based on the needs of the individual. We provide a wide range of services to meet those needs. We now offer those same services without substance use needs for anyone with mental health counseling needs.


We have established linkages with diverse, specialized programs, services, and community leaders, whereby patients receive individualized, custom-tailored therapeutic treatment and mental health and substance use therapy, individual and group counseling and support, and educational seminars and workshops. This puts Rego Park Counseling in the forefront of full-service mental health and substance use counseling for all.


Rego Park Counseling is approved and licensed by the New York State Office of Addiction Services and Supports as well as the Office of Mental Health. We are a culturally aware, community-based human services agency, currently serving the Tri-state area. If you need counseling for substance use, mental health, or a combination of the two, Rego Park is here to help.

What Separates Rego Park Counseling From Others?

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Why Choose Rego Park Counseling?

Rego Park Counseling blends programs with traditional, state-of-the-art treatment plans, therapies to stay on top of all new trends, case management, and educational services. This unique style of programming provides patients with acute and tailored substance use counseling services in Queens, NY. We also offer telehealth substance use counseling programs for those unable come into the center. Rego Park now offers the same individual or group counseling sessions for those with mental health needs not related to substance use.

This integrated resource discipline best meets the needs of the individual, their family, and our referral sources (i.e. hospitals, clergy, criminal justice system, board of education, various community based, and non-governmental agencies). We work closely with state, county agencies, probation, parole, drug court, and T.A.S.C. See our treatment philosophy.

The Benefits of Working with an Expert Team

Our expert team of addiction specialists and therapists begin each person’s substance use counseling experience with a careful assessment to determine acuity and individual needs. We new expert counselors ready to treat anything from schizophrenia and bipolar disorders to basic anxiety and depression issues.

Special Features of Mental Health and Substance Use Therapy Include:

Individual mental health and substance use therapy, family counseling, couples therapy, anger management, group therapy, LGBTQ+ counseling, stress management education, assertiveness training, relapse prevention, building a commitment to recovery, establishing early abstinence skills, establishing options for a safe living environment, confidence and independence training.

Substance Use Treatment Programs in Queens, New York

Rego Park provides individualized, custom-tailored mental health and substance use counseling to Queens, NY and surrounding communities. Some of the specialized treatment programs we offer include intensive outpatient substance use counseling, dual diagnosis treatment, and substance use counseling for elderly people.

  • Learn more about our intensive multi-day outpatient program. Many people begin recovery at this level. Some patients are referred to us from various sources, but most of our new patients are seeking a substance use counseling program or alcohol use therapy and reach out to us directly. Please do not hesitate to call today. We are here and ready to help you find a new way of life.
  • Read about our dual diagnosis treatment program. It is not unusual for patients to experience both substance use and mental health disorders. Our counselors are fully prepared to help all MICA patients with any co-occurring disorders, so call us today.
  • Our treatment program for seniors is a specialized program designed to meet the unique needs of our elderly community. If you or an elderly family member is suffering from substance use or alcoholism, Rego Park Counseling has the best mental health and substance use counseling center in Queens NY with compassionate and caring counselors and staff to make you feel right at home. Call us today!
  • If you are unsure why your mental health is suffering and you do no t suffer from substance use learn more about how we can help with disorder you may have and not know. We are here and ready when you want to reach out for help.

Outpatient Substance Use Counseling

Evidence-based guidance, up-to-date resources, and first-hand accounts to help you in your mental health journey. Learn more about how Rego Park Counseling’s intensive outpatient program can help you recover from drug addition or alcohol dependency.

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Mental Health Counseling

Weather you know what you are suffering from or think there might be a problem. Here at Rego Park we can assess what the issues are through a series of mental health counseling sessions. We make sure you are comfortable and safe with our counseling as they guide you through the journey back to mental health wellness.

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