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Alternatives to Incarceration in Queens NY

Rego Park Counseling works together with outside sources such as county agencies, drug courts, and other state and county agencies. If you are facing incarceration due to non-violent drug charges, we understand that you do not belong in jail or prison, but instead you should be given the opportunity to recover from addiction. Rego Park Counseling stands behind the sentencing reform movement and we believe aids like substance abuse treatment and addiction services are invaluable to our community because they have a much higher success rate than imprisonment.

If you are facing incarceration for drug charges, please call Rego Park Counseling today to discuss your options. We can work with you and your assigned court official’s office or agency to determine alternatives to incarceration opportunities for you. If you are awaiting trial, we recommend that you begin substance abuse treatment now so you can present your pre-trial disciplines to the court when you are tried, which may lead to a lighter sentence, or continued treatment sentence. Call (718) 459-2558 today to get started!

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