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12 Step Program Integration

Rego Park Counseling integrates 12 step program principles into our substance use treatment. The 12 steps define a recovery method that involves recognizing earlier mistakes, making amends, and resuming your life with a focus on growth, progress, and ridding addictive behaviors. In addition to our individual therapy and group therapy sessions, we offer 12 step meetings to our patients looking to collaborate with their peers in an environment that is facilitated by addicts for addicts. At Rego Park we want to help you complete the 12 stepsĀ  and if you cannot make it into the center, then we also have Telehealth services as well. The 12 steps are intended to be worked with a sponsor, so we encourage you to attend meetings throughout the community as well and connect with other recovering addicts. The steps are focused on identifying powerlessness, belief, surrender, self-examination, confession, commitment, humility, restitution, willpower, determination, growth, and service work. Contact Rego Park Counseling today for more information about our 12 step meetings and addiction treatment services. We also can provide additional resources for your recovery outside of our outpatient treatment, including lists and locations of NA meetings & AA meeting Queens NY.

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