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Recovering from Alcoholism with Alcohol Abuse Therapy

Recovering from alcoholism is a frequently sought-after treatment service because alcoholism is not only life-consuming, but sobriety is achievable with the right care. Alcoholism is a chronic illness embodied by uncontrollable drinking and fixation with alcohol. This illness encompasses both physiological and emotional dependence, causing one to continue drinking alcohol even when it makes them sick or has other adverse consequences. Once addicted to alcohol, your body becomes dependent on the chemical to function “properly” (what has become the new normal). Nearly one in ten Americans are addicted to mind-altering substances, and two-thirds of those are addicted to alcohol.


Alcohol Abuse Therapy Queens NY

Dopamine influences our learning and memory receptors, not just experience of pleasure, so it takes more than just liking something to become addicted. Some addicted persons may experience family or friends criticizing our ability to drink in moderation or to handle our affairs, but it is much more complex than that. People addicted to alcohol have a mental illness caused from dopamine interacting with other neurotransmitters that take over our reward-related learning abilities, which does not happen when non-addicted persons use drugs that they like.

Rego Park Counseling offers an outpatient treatment program for individuals seeking help with drug addiction. While we provide group therapy with peers alike, our services are catered to the individual’s needs, because our counselors understand that everyone’s sobriety process is different. Call Rego Park Counseling today to schedule an appointment with one of our certified counselors to begin your journey to recovery from alcoholism. Learn more about detox options, because you do not have to seek sobriety without medical assistance. We also offer treatment services for seniors seeking alcohol abuse therapy.

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