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About Our Substance Use Counselors

Rego Park Counseling helps hundreds of addicts and alcoholics find the treatment they need to live a fulfilled and happy life. Our substance use counselors know that addiction is a chronic illness and not an ethical inadequacy. We use evidence-based therapy in our outpatient programs to treat the symptoms of addiction and alcoholism, because we understand that there is no easy fix, like other chronic disorders. Everyone’s recovery process is different, so each treatment plan is tailored to the individual to make sure the treatment our patients receive is the right path. Our clinicians are also experienced in treating all aspects of the individual, so considering social, psychological, environmental, and biological factors in addition to substance use. We strive to provide professional substance use treatment. We believe in a continuum of care and after a thorough assessment, we plan treatment based on the needs of the individual. We provide a wide range of services to meet those needs. Substance use treatment should always be about the wellness of the individual. Contact Rego Park Counseling today to learn more.

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