Outpatient Substance Use Treatment

Outpatient Substance Use Treatment

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Rego Park Counseling

Rego Park Counseling offers an intensive multi-day outpatient program, which has proven to be a great alternative to incarceration or inpatient programs that can seem intimidating. Many successful recovering addicts began their journey at this level.

The focus is on meeting day-to-day challenges to sobriety for patients and/or family members. Evening outpatient substance use treatment programs are available as well.

We begin each person’s treatment experience with a careful assessment to determine acuity and individual needs. After a thorough evaluation with our addiction medicine specialists and therapists, individuals attend this program based on their needs and then attendance is adjusted in accordance with progress.

In addition to daily therapy groups, patients are exposed to peer support groups and 12 step meetings. Each patient is also seen for individual therapy as needed.

We also provide services for individuals, families, groups, the LGBTQ+ community, couples, seniors, those with a dual diagnosis, people with anger control issues, individuals seeking remote telehealth services, and people seeking alternatives to incarceration.

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Understanding Outpatient Treatment Programs

What We Do

We can define substance use as the repeated and harmful use of any substance, especially drugs and alcohol. These substances could be legal, prescription drugs, or banned substances. Abuse happens when a person uses a substance in a manner that is not recommended. One of the most complicated issues in our society, substance use can have a huge impact on one’s life, including their health, work, and relationships. Hopefully, anyone who is in the grips of alcohol addiction or drug addiction will reach out and ask for help. Fortunately, there are substance use treatment programs that a person can apply for if they need recovery assistance. Some of these programs, collectively called outpatient substance use treatment, are a form of rehabilitation that lets patients continue to live their normal lives while obtaining treatment for their problems. We also offer outpatient treatment through Telehealth if there are concerns about coming in face to face. Patients normally visit an outpatient substance use counseling center regularly during an agreed schedule. Rego Park Counseling offers an intensive multi-day outpatient program that has proven to be an effective option for substance use patients. If you are interested in our program, call us today at (718) 459-2558.

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outpatient substance use treatment

Getting Ready for Outpatient Substance Use Treatment

At Rego Park Counseling, we can help promote the proper healing and recovery of patients suffering from substance dependence through various aspects of our Substance Use Therapy Outpatient. One of these methods is medically supervised detoxification. Medically supervised detox is used to safely flush out harmful substances in the body so that a patient can recover gradually. However, this type of detox is not essential for each patient since it will depend on their current condition. Our therapists can analyze if a patient needs medically supervised detoxification. If they do, then we can refer them to trusted detox facilities. It’s important to note that not all substance use patients have the same recovery process. Rego Park Counseling specialists believe in providing custom and individualized treatments to meet the specific needs of each individual.

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What To Expect From Outpatient Substance Use Counseling

Outpatient substance use counseling programs today vary depending on the provider. Typically, a program will require patients to commit to attending 5 to 7 days a week at an outpatient treatment facility for several hours a day. Their programs often necessitate their participation in group counseling, biofeedback, ongoing therapy, and other therapies, such as music or art therapy. At Rego Park Counseling, we offer three different types of treatment strategies that are ideal for various individuals and settings:

  • Individual therapy: Developing individualized treatment plans based on professional assessment.
  • Family therapy: Designed to improve relations between family members.
  • Group therapy: Recommended for patients who feel more comfortable and confident in going through their recovery phase with the help of a support group.

Aside from these therapy sessions, patients will also be exposed to 12-step meetings to help with their progress.


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Clinical Therapy Assistance From the Experts

Rego Park Counseling can assist substance use patients in selecting the best clinical therapy for their needs. As the only addiction treatment center in Rego Park, New York, our team of certified and licensed counselors can create personalized treatment plans that are best for them. We believe that each individual has the ability within themselves to make a lasting and positive change in their lives. Call us at (718) 459-2558 to book an appointment.

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Importance of Individualized Treatment

Outpatient Substance Use Treatment Plans

Individualized outpatient addiction programs are designed to provide substance use individuals with treatment and therapy that meets their unique needs. A personal outpatient program is important because it can let a person engage in specific treatment that will help them recover from their problem.

Here at Rego Park Counseling, we help patients discover the right treatment so they can successfully recover from substance use. Our experienced therapists apply evidence-based therapy methods to our addiction treatment programs to ensure substance dependence is addressed at all angles.

Besides individualized substance use treatment plans, we might also recommend group therapy sessions. We find these sessions to be extremely effective, especially since a patient will be tackling their recovery challenges with the help of a peer recovery support group.

We also suggest taking part in daily 12-step meetings to promote continuous healing inside and out.

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Education and Learning From Outpatient Substance Use Treatment Programs

Patients can learn the following by taking part in outpatient substance use treatment programs:

  • The facts of substance addiction and how people can overcome it during the recovery process
  • How important proper nutrition and physical activity are for effective recovery
  • The best methods of managing stress without relying on harmful substances
  • Strategies to prevent substance use relapse
  • How to improve skills to cope with withdrawal
  • How to overcome cravings or triggers
  • Techniques to maintain recovery
  • How dual diagnosis treatment can help people with mental and substance use problems

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What Does Rego Park Counseling Offer?

Rego Park Counseling provides substance use patients with alternatives to incarceration. We can work with county agencies or court officials to provide a person with a program that allows them to recover from substance use.

We welcome those who are seeking substance use treatment for families of their own accord with open arms. Our specialists believe that each individual has the capacity to overcome their problems and we are here to help promote healthy recovery.

Rego Park Counseling is open to assist anyone suffering from substance use including seniors. We are also excited to help the LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities of Queens NY.

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We Help Substance Use Patients Find the Best Recovery Programs

Rego Park Counseling specializes in providing tailor-made outpatient substance use counseling in Queens, NY, and its surrounding communities. We offer outpatient addiction programs such as outpatient substance use treatment, dual diagnosis treatment, and substance use treatment designed for the elderly. Call us today at (718) 459-2558 to book an appointment and get started with your substance use recovery journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please reach us at management@regoparkcounseling.com if you cannot find an answer to your question.

One of the most important things to overcoming substance addiction is to surround oneself with supportive people. Learning, progressing, and staying sober with a support group can be extremely beneficial to substance use patients. Other solutions to overcome addiction include finding new hobbies, exercising, and eating well.

Treatment programs, such as outpatient and dual diagnosis, have been proven to be effective in treating addiction.

Getting rid of addiction is not easy and it cannot be accomplished overnight. With the right mindset and access to effective processes and support groups, patients can conquer their substance use problems over time.

One of the best ways to stop drug or alcohol addiction is to seek professional help. With expert therapists, patients can learn ways to stop, adapt, and overcome their triggers or urges to use harmful substances. Call Rego Park Counseling at (718) 459-2558 to learn more about our substance use recovery programs.

The main cause of addiction has to do with the biological processes involved in the reward pathways of the brain. These connections provide “feel-good” chemicals and positive feelings that “reward” individuals for substance use. A person who continuously relies on consuming harmful substances so that they can experience these positive feelings can easily become addicted.

Call Rego Park Counseling at (718) 459-2558 or complete the form below to schedule an appointment with one of our compassionate counselors to be on your way to recovery.